Water Generations

Role: Game Designer

Platforms: Mobile | Web

Genre: Educational Game

Release Year: 2017

Duration: 6 months

Team Size: 14

Contractor: Brazilian National Water Agency (ANA)

Tools Used: Unity, Trello, Adobe Suite, 3ds Max, G Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket

About the Project

Water Generations (Geração Água) is an educational resource management game developed in partnership with the Brazilian National Water Agency, aimed for teens from 13 to 16. It is available for Brazilian public schools.

In "Water Generation," the player's goal is to change the Habits of a family over several generations, causing household residents to properly use water and thus achieve greater "Environmental Awareness." The player must also make improvements in the Infrastructure of the house of this family, in order to make it increasingly ecologically correct and efficient in the use of Water Resources.

Roles in the project:

  • Designed the gameplay loop.

  • Conceived and successfully pitched the game proposal for the project stakeholders.

  • Adjusted the level layout, blockout and decoration to ensure a better user experience.

  • Planned proper game pacing, so that there are highs and lows in player interest curve during the gameplay.

​All screenshots reflect the work of the entire team.


Geração Água_01

Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (BIG Festival)   |   2018

BIG Impact: Educational Category


2nd Golden Cube Award (Cubo de Ouro) 

Best Geek Social Project  |   2018


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