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The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects
The Suspects

The Suspects

Role: Game Designer

Platforms: Mobile

Genre: Game for Health

Release Year: 2015

Duration: 12 months

Team Size: 5

Contractor: Laboratory of Learning Objects (LOA)

Tools Used: Unity, Trello, Adobe Suite, G Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket

About the Project

The Suspects (Os Suspeitos) is a mobile game to assist psychologists in treating college students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It features 5 different focus-based minigames, in which the player must identify the suspects of a crime in a Shopping Mall.

The game is currently being used to assist students with ADHD. The therapist instructs the patient to incorporate the game into their routine and bring the results to the weekly appointment. That way, they can work on new approaches to fight the symptoms.

Project roles:

  • Prototyped the game with a content manager to aid the pitch.

  • Designed and successfully pitched the game concept for the project stakeholders.

  • Designed 5 different game modes for specific psychological needs.

  • Investigated the relationship between interest and reward on players with ADHD.

  • Created the game pacing system to boost player retention.

  • Designed over 30 levels segments.

All screenshots and video reflect the work of the entire team.


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