The Amazing Adventures of Apollo & Rosetta in Space

Role: Creative Director

Platforms: PC | Kinect

Genre: Game for Health

Release Year: 2015

Duration: 24 months

Team Size: 12

Contractor: Laboratory of Learning Objects

Tools Used: Unity, Trello, Adobe Suite, G Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket

About the Project

The Amazing Adventures of Apollo & Rosetta in Space (As Incríveis Aventuras de Apollo e Rosetta no Espaço) was developed for academic research. The purpose of this game is to train the Executive Functions, especially the Inhibitory Control, of children between the ages of 8 and 10. It features 7 different game modes. This game was developed as part of a PhD thesis at Feevale University.

Roles in the project:

  • Designed 7 different game modes for specific research needs.

  • Designed a procedural difficulty curve system for all 7 game modes, following the Rational Level Design framework.

  • Documented and wrote most of the script and dialogues.

  • Analyzed and documented connections between neuropsychology and digital games.

​All screenshots reflect the work of the entire team.


As Incríveis Aventuras_01

PUC Young Ideas (Jovens Ideias) Contest   |   2015
Category: Search is evolving


Master Tip Award (Dica de Mestre)
Educator Category   |   2018

2nd Place

As Incríveis Aventuras_02


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