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Profit Inc.
Profit Inc.
Profit Inc.
Profit Inc.
Profit Inc.

Profit Inc.

Role: Game Designer

Platforms: Mobile | Web

Genre: Educational Game

Release Year: 2016

Duration: 12 months

Team Size: 7

Contractor: Laboratory of Learning Objects

Tools Used: Unity, Trello, Adobe Suite, G Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket

About the Project

Profit Inc. (Lucro S/A) is an educational business tycoon in which the player manages a company according to a custom economic scenario.

This customized economic scenario editor allows the player to simulate how to run a business in different situations, such as a high interest rate market, a low tax market, more affordable vendors, different degrees of seed capital, among dozens of other settings. As it is based on real data, the game simulates with a good degree of fidelity the problems that companies face in the market.

Project roles:

  • Designed game systems based on real world data like accounting concepts and formulas.

  • Improved the UI to shallow the game's learning curve, which was too steep based on player feedback.

  • Designed a customization system of economic scenarios, to simulate different situations like high taxes, low interest rates, etc.

  • Conducted playtests and incorporated feedback to improve the gameplay.

​All screenshots reflect the work of the entire team.

Awards International Contest

Honourable Mention


Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (BIG Festival)   |   2017

Best Educational or Social Impact Game



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