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Paleo Game
Paleo Game
Paleo Game
Paleo Game
Paleo Game
Paleo Game

Paleo Game

Role: Game Designer

Platforms: Mobile

Genre: Educational Game

Release Year: 2016

Duration: 6 months

Team Size: 2

Contractor: Private / Freelance

Tools Used: Unity, Trello, Adobe Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket

About the Project

Paleo Game is a mobile educational game about evolutionary biology, commissioned by a Brazilian Ph.D. professor as part of their thesis. The game has local multiplayer with several questions and minigames on the subject, for students in Grade 4 to Grade 8.

The goal of the project was to give biology teachers another tool to use in the classroom. By using local multiplayer features and mechanics, the game encourages cooperation and group learning.

Project roles:

  • Designed the gameplay loop.

  • Planned and designed 3 minigames with local multiplayer features.

  • Prototyped and implemented the level layout.

  • Planned choke points in the game board to enhance gameplay.

  • Designed the game systems, their rules and interactions.

  • Ensured the game look and feel was within the project goal.

All screenshots and video reflect the work of the entire team.

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