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Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast
Monster Blast

Monster Blast

Role: Lead Game Designer & Product Owner

Platforms: Android, iOS

Genre: Augmented Reality (AR) Game

Release Year: 2021

Duration: 7 months

Team Size: 12

Contractor: Robots & Pencils

Tools Used: Unity, Adobe Suite, Figma, G Suite, GitHub

About the Project

Prof. Kaput created a bunch of monstrous creatures to dominate the world, as any respectable mad scientist would do. But due to some miscalculations he was… devoured. Now it's up to you to make sure they don't escape the lab. The fate of the world is in your hands, it's not rocket science, right?

Monster Blast is an arcade shooter game with Augmented-Reality (AR) elements on mobile devices. It blends the real experience of shooting a BB gun with the fun and challenges of video games.

The game uses a high-speed camera to detect hits on real-world targets and incorporates them into gameplay.

Project roles:

  • Conceived the game proposal document that was pitched and approved by the investors.

  • Designed safety-enhancing AR game features.

  • Designed over 30 unique levels, using the Rational Level Design framework.

  • Designed procedural levels based on difficulty settings using the Rational Level Design framework.

  • Designed an asynchronous Multiplayer Mode.

  • Represented the team in presentations and conversations with project stakeholders and investors.

  • Evaluated project risks and created contingency plans.

  • Facilitated collaboration among developers, artists, and team members.

  • Created and maintained the project's Game Design Document (GDD).

  • Documented and wrote most of the voice-over lines.

  • Oversaw the game look and feel.


All screenshots and videos reflect the work of the entire team.

Official Video

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