Hector & Stela

Role: Game Designer

Platforms: Web | PC

Genre: Dungeon Crawler

Release Year: 2018

Duration: 1 Week

Team Size: 2

Tools Used: Unity, Adobe Suite, G Suite, Source Tree, Bitbucket, Custom Level Editor Tool

About the Project

Hector & Stella is a turn-based dungeon crawler, made during Feevale Game Jam, an intern game jam. The theme was "Guiding Dog" and in the game you control Stela, the guiding dog of a powerful wizard named Hector.

More than 15 teams signed up for this one-week game jam, sponsored by a Brazilian dog food company.

Roles in the project:

  • Conceived and pitched the game concept.

  • Established the art direction.

  • Designed 12 levels using the Rational Level Design framework.

  • Utilized redirection techniques to guide the player through the levels.

  • Documented and wrote all dialogues.

  • Crafted all sprites and the UI.


All screenshots reflect the work of the entire team.



Feevale Game Jam - 2018


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